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Additional Information about our park

Reception and Shop

We have a large reception area with friendly staff that will assist you in checking in and answering any questions you may have. We also stock a large range of souveniers , clothing and fishing supplies in addition to daily items such as bread and milk. 

Ablution Blocks and Laundry

There are three ablution blocks and two laundries scattered throughout the park, making wherever you camp close to amenities. We are on a septic system so we ask that you please not place any foreign items or toilet capsules in the toilets, bins are provided and we have a dump point located at the centre block. Click on the map for a map of our park.

Pet Friendly

We are pet friendly here at the Homestead, however we are limited to what we can do due to our location being a National Park. Pets are permitted to stay in campground one only and must be on a leash at all times. Pets are not permitted in the National Park

Pet Rules
Outback Water Trucks

The "Dry" is our busiest season, and with this great weather and influx of people comes the dreaded dust...... dust and dirt is a part of any "Outback" experience, however we do try and combat this with our homemade water trucks. You will see them doing their rounds daily to keep the road dust down, give our friendly staff a wave as they come by.

Homestead Airstrip

We have an airstrip available for both planes and choppers, please call ahead to let us know so we can be organised for your arrival.

Designated Bin Areas

There are a few designated bin areas throughout the park, if you would like to recycle your cans and bottles there are recycle bins in the bar area, alternatively there is a recycle center on the Stuart Hwy on the way into Mataranka, its open Fridays from 9am - 12pm. 

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